Rice Wreath Donation Project by World Class Junho (English)

We, from several international fansites of Lee Junho, are coming together for rice wreath donation project at the 2PM WTII concert in Seoul this June!

World Class Junho consists of which Junho international fansites?
We are from Hugho TH, JUNHOHOME, JunHOPPER, JUNHO_FANID, LeeJunhoBiased & Smiling Eyes

What is ‘Rice Wreath’ donation?
Rice Wreath is usually stacks of rice bags decorated with ribbons, photos together with supporting messages. The trend started in the late 2000s when fans began to send food to their favourite music artists, in order to show their support. Donating rice indicates that fans take greater social responsibility and as a mark of being socially conscious, besides showing their respect and support to their favourite artists. The rice will then be donated to a charity under the celebrity’s name.

Rice Wreath Example

The picture above is just an example of how Rice Wreath donation is (pic credit to About A Boy)

Do only Junho fans can donate for this project?
No. ANYONE can donate, no matter who your bias or even which fandom you are from!

What is your target amount?
Our target is to collect a total amount of USD 1650 ~ which equals to 500kg of rice.

When is the donation period?
You can start sending in your donation starting May 14, 2013 (Tuesday).
The last day for you to send in your donation to us is on June 7, 2013 (Friday)

How can we send in the donation?
We are accepting your generous donations through…
1) Paypal
Paypal address: cutiepiejunho{at}gmail.com

2) Local bank-in
We accept local bank-in for fans in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. Please kindly fill in the form inside the “DONATE” page if you are interested to donate~ we will reply to you with the related banking information soon after that~

* Only for Indonesia, Japanese & Thai fans, please refer to the respective notices for more info!

* Don’t forget to fill in the form inside the “DONATION CONFIRMATION’ page after you have transferred your donation! thank you~^^

** If you donate USD 5 or more, you will receive the following gifts – 3 pieces of stickers + 1 piece of postcard, with Junho fanarts on them. The amount mentioned above will cover the cost of printings and postage of the items to you~ We really appreciate all the interest in making this project successful! (big thank you to stickers as proposed and prepared earlier by Junhopper. Illustration by mathun for the stickers & sasa for the postcard)

Let’s make this big for Junho~ as a present from his international fans ♥

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